We Prep, You Chef!

An average meal takes an hour to prepare. Our DIY kits take less than 15 minutes. That's because we don't just ship the recipes and ingredients! We also spend hours doing all the boring prepping up to the last steps. You follow those last steps, cheffing a terrific, fresh, delicious, and healthy meal in no time! 


COVID-19 is eliminated by heat. We do contactless delivery, and you heat everything in the last step of your cooking. A meal should be delicious and easy to prepare. But it should also be free of all germs and viruses. Don't you think?


The restaurants may have to close down for now, but the experience of excellent restaurant food should not be something of the past. We bring that same old pleasure to the comfort of your home, for half the price. Enough with the frozen pizzas!

My Story

My name is Hoss Yazdi. I used to be an engineer. I knew what I signed up for nine years ago when I decided to pursue my dream and re-started my career from scratch to cook professionally. I had to put myself through college again while raising my kid and working at kitchens and pastry shops. Right when all this hard work was about to pay off, this virus wants to destroy not just my work, but the entire food businesses. I am too eager, too resolved to let that happen. If there are no jobs for chefs anymore, I will create them. And I will need your help to make it work.

I asked a few friends, we put down our last savings to create a new business that will let us do what we are so great at -- virus-free!

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