We removed our prices to help the community eat healthily, here is how you can help.

by Hossein Ahmadian


A few weeks ago, I shared with you that I started my food business even though COVID-19 had smashed the industry. I was overwhelmed with the help and support that I received from you guys— time to return the favor to the community!
It’s been devastating to see many of the working class who lost jobs struggling to afford healthy food. We came up with a plan to help them in the Atlanta Metro Area and its success depends on all of you.

Today, we are removing prices from all our meal kits, making healthy food affordable for all budgets. You can buy them and "pay what you want". We dedicate half of our earnings to keep this option and allow anyone with any budget to purchase our healthy packages.


We are not sure how long we can afford to do this. But, we believe in the depth of humanity and togetherness.
Please re-share this note, so we can reach the affected people and those who want to help.